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Why do SQL injections persist?

Security Binary DataThis post was provided by Samantha Strauss on behalf of Drexel University Online. She has written freelance tech articles for a number of educational institutions, including Drexel University. A self-taught programmer, she has spent over a decade working in the tech industry.

Though it’s been plaguing us for quite a while, SQL injection is still one of the most common forms of web site security breaches, as evidenced by recent hacking attacks on such web giants as Sony, Yahoo and LinkedIn, among others. SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, is just what it sounds like: a language–almost, in fact, THE language that databases use to store, manage, and retrieve information. Continue reading



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New Security Apps For Windows 8

Security data security multicolorTrend Micro Security has announced new security apps for Windows 8, which, in my humble opinion, are long overdue to keep our computers, and our Internet use safer. This blog has no affiliation with Trend Micro.

The three apps available for download through the Windows Store are: Continue reading


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Think Of A New Password?Some Would Rather Clean A Toilet!

Magnifying glass over "News"A recent Harris Interactive poll revealed that 38% of us would rather clean a toilet than come up with one more user name or password. On the surface, that’s amusing because it identifies the frustration we all feel dealing with multiple user names and passwords. However, peeling away the layers of the “onion” so to speak, reveals the basic reason so many of us are vulnerable to hacking of our computers and Internet website accounts…we hate to adopt good security practices. Continue reading


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The Worst Passwords-Ever!

Security password entryThe recent hack into the Yahoo.com password database has exposed the fact that “too many Internet users are making poor decisions when choosing their passwords.”, according to Graham Cluley of NakedSecurity.sophos.com. I couldn’t agree more. There have been tons of articles published, including on this blog, about the importance of using a strong password. But evidently our attempt at Internet safety education is falling on deaf ears…or people just don’t care. Continue reading


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450K Yahoo Credentials Stolen: Problem?

Security Binary DataIf you were one of the 450,000 Yahoo.com computer users who had their credentials (read: sign-on ID, password, personally identifiable information) stolen, would you be at risk? The answer is: it depends…on how much personal information you placed on your profile page. Continue reading

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Internet Security: How “Strong” Are Your Passwords?

Security Password Postit

Image: Prisma Bildagentur AG/Alamy

Your Internet security depends on a lot of factors, and one of the most important is the strength of your passwords; or in other words, how long it’ll take a hacker to guess it. The password is similar to the lock on the doors of your house in that you need to have locks and they must be strong enough to discourage a burglar. Likewise, a password that’s harder to guess will discourage a hacker who has access to other, easier to guess, passwords.

The strength of a password can mean the difference between a hacker guessing it in less than a second or taking days to do so. Believe me, a hacker will not stick with a password for days, even with computer based password cracking software employed. This is because they, like a burglar, seek the targets of least resistance in order to strike quickly and get away. Continue reading

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