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Kids’ Safe Use of the Internet

Desktop PC YouthThis guest article is written by Ken Myers, the founder of http://www.longhornleads.com/.

Unlike many adults prior to the Generation X movement of technology, children are subjected to computers and electronics at an earlier age than we were. While many of us grew up with Commodore 64s, Nintendo, and Atari, our children are bee-bopping around the Internet as early as kindergarten. There wasn’t a single computer in the elementary school I attended. With this ever persistent technology, how do we keep our kids safe while they browse the Internet? Continue reading

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Five Minute Security Tip: Safe, Secure, Strong Passwords Will Increase Your Computer’s Safety

Security password entryYep, much as you hate to change your passwords, this tip is essential to increasing the safety of your computer. And it’s a part of the security practices you should be using on your computer, here’s a security tip that will only take five minutes to set up on your computer and will reduce your exposure to computer security threats.

Passwords are akin to the lock on the front door of your house…you want to keep the bad guys out, and you use a lock, hopefully strong enough to keep them out, or at least slow their entrance long enough that you can get some help on the way. A strong password will slow, or stop an intruder to your computer.

A strong password is one that is difficult to guess, either by a human or a password breaker program. The characteristics of a strong password are: it should be at least 8 characters in length, include letters(both capital and lower case), numbers, and special characters. Here are some don’ts for a strong password: don’t use a word that can be found in a dictionary; don’t use proper names, the names of your family members, your social security number or any identification number; and don’t use the same password, strong or not, on all the websites and applications, etc. for which you have passwords (if a hacker does guess it, he’ll try to use it on everything else you access). Continue reading


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Internet Security: A Web Proxy With A Bite

Student on LaptopBusinesses, schools, and some families use their security tools to block access to undesirable web sites. They do this for various reasons: businesses, to increase productivity by not allowing employees to surf the net for “recreational” purposes; schools, to keep students from nefarious sites they may seek to enter; and families to protect their children from being exposed to undesirable content on bad websites. However, anyone wanting to circumvent the security block and access any site on the web can use free web proxy programs to do so. Most high school and college students have used a web proxy or know how to use one. Many employees know how to use them too, but my experience is that there is less of a tendency to use them than for the students.

However, using web proxies has just become a lot more dangerous, especially for students. Continue reading


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