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AP Twitter: Hacking Target

Target red whiteCyber criminals have used the Internet and Twitter to influence the U.S. Stock Market, and in the future, who knows what else. Recently, the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked, and a bogus tweet generated “from the AP” stating that the White House was attacked. The result was its belief by many people and organizations in the world, including the Stock Market. As you might expect, the market reacted with a selloff and a large but short-lived plunge in its value. Continue reading



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Keylogger: A Definition

Security Binary DataKnow what a keylogger is? No, it’s not a lead lumberjack position. It’s a type of surveillance software or spyware that monitors and records all keystrokes made on a computer keyboard. It can record your emails, tweets on Twitter, posts to Facebook, instant messages, and more importantly your sign-on credentials. Continue reading


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Checking-In: May Be Dangerous

Security cyberstalking eyeMany people use Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, or other applications that allow announcements to be published on the Internet about where you are. Perhaps you do too. But did you know that criminals, both cyber and terrestrial, can take advantage of check-ins to do you harm?

Because these apps are used with your mobile device, they generate GPS coordinates; criminals can then pinpoint your location…and take action. Continue reading


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Social Sign On: Beware

Target red whiteA new method of signing on to Internet accounts from your computer is called social sign on. It involves using your existing social networking (Facebook or Twitter) account to sign on to retail shopping and government services accounts. The objective is ease of use. Retailers and other service organizations don’t want you to have to do a time-consuming password reset when you forget your password Continue reading

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Your Internet Use: Safe or Risky?

2 DiceWhen asked “how much Internet security do I need for my computer?” I usually respond with “that depends what you use it for and how safely or risky you use it.”

For example, if one uses a computer and the Internet for only creating documents and using email; that use would be categorized as one of less risk. On the other hand, if one uses the computer to indiscriminately surf the Internet, or Continue reading

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Social Networking Safety Tips

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest and LinkedIn are powerful, Internet based tools that allow you to meet, interact and share with people around the world. However, with all these capabilities come risks, not to just you and your computer, but your family, friends and employer. Continue reading


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Microsoft Latest Watering-hole Attack Victim

Security Danger SignKnow what a watering-hole attack is? It refers to attackers compromising a website and using it to serve malicious code, in advance of their desired target visiting the site. The watering-hole technique has been used in numerous attacks, including exploits of Google committed by the so-called Aurora gang. This technique has also been used in the recent past against Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. Continue reading

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