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ZeuS Banking Trojan Now In Rootkit Form

Security Trojan HorseThe ZeuS banking Trojan has been around for a while now, but it’s popularity among cyber criminals is still high. It’s now being offered for sale to cybercriminals in rootkit form at very low prices. Continue reading



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Hoax Email: FedEx Delivery Receipt

Security Internet @ lockThere is a hoax spam email being sent that pretends to be from FedEx. It’s pretends to be a delivery notice about missing a delivery attempt. It is the delivery mechanism for an information-stealing Trojan called Smoaler, and contains a link to a malicious Internet website that will infect your computer with malware. Continue reading

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Trojan Malware Casing US Banks

Security Trojan HorseAn Internet based malware Trojan named Stabuniq is breaking into US banks’ computers and gathering information about their network, servers, and what operating system they’re using. The information is then sent to a computer controlled by the cybercriminals who operate the Trojan. This appears to be an intelligence gathering mission to support future attacks on the banking institutions. In the old American gangster movies they’d call this “casing the joint”, a survey of the bank in order to plan the robbery. Continue reading

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PC Photos:Blackmail Trojan

Security Trojan HorseAre any of your photographs stored on your computer embarrassing? Would you want them emailed to your employer; or posted on the Internet? With the built-in web cameras on most laptops and the add-on webcams on desktop computers; Continue reading

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Cyber Crooks Never Cease To Amaze…

Binary screenThe Trend Micro Trendlabs Second Quarter Security Roundup reports that one of the active Internet malware plaguing computers right now is a trojan called IXESHE…I have no idea where the crooks come up with these names. Here’s a rundown of it’s attributes.

It has been around since 2009, it targets East Asian governments, electronics manufacturers, and a telecommunications company.

It uses targeted attacks that make use of ransomware which threatens to notify the local police force unless they comply with the crooks demands.

It uses data-stealing techniques involving Zeus and CARBERP Trojans and fake anti-virus malware.

All interesting enough, but here’s what really caught my eye. Continue reading

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Malware Getting Smarter and More Aggressive

Security Login ScreenThe typical malware bot is injected onto a victim PC, usually by clicking on a link or otherwise visiting a website designed for that purpose. The bot is usually programmed to perform a specific function. For example, a banking bot or banker Trojan is designed to obtain online banking credentials when online banking transactions are performed by the owner of the computer and then use those credentials, such as the banking sign-on name and password, to perform electronic funds transfers to a bank account controlled by the criminal. And all this is done in a matter of seconds after the credentials are obtained.

Enter a powerful new bot called Ainslot.L. Once injected onto the victim computer, it is smart enough to look for other malware bots that may reside on the computer and kill them before it begins to perform it’s own mal-activities. If this is starting to sound like a movie scene involving organized crime “taking over new territory” by bumping off other crooks in order to expand their business…well, I would agree with that assumption. In fact, most Internet criminal activity is controlled by organized crime units located in Russia and other Eastern Bloc countries. So I’m not surprised that they’re acting like organized crime of old.

Back to Ainslot.L. Another way this bot is different from the norm is that the fake email that spreads it is different from the usually sloppy and grammatically incorrect emails used by typical bots of today. This email is well thought out and well written. It informs the reader that they have placed an order for an expensive product that will be charged to their credit card. It includes a link to view the order.

As you might imagine, most people will panic that the order is a mistake and they immediately go into information gathering mode and want to, yes, you guessed it…view the order. Clicking that link loads the bot onto their computer. Once the bot takes control, it begins it’s dastardly tasks. And the poor owner of the PC is, well…poorer.

You can arm your computer and protect your money by doing the following:

1. Keep your virus protection software updated at all times. Use the automatic update feature by turning it on.

2. Check your account transactions recorded by the bank on a regular basis and ensure they’re all valid. If not, notify your bank immediately of the fraudulent transaction. If they find out soon enough, they can take advantage of a built-in lag in EFT transactions to cancel it.

3. If your bank is not already doing so, encourage them to use strong online financial transaction security practices such as placing a security cookie on your computer for verification purposes; and limiting the size of withdrawals and transfers of funds made by your computer. These practices may not prevent the theft, but it may slow them down enough that you or the bank will detect something amiss and allow you to take some action.

Ref: Help Net Security.Com

As always, I appreciate your comments on this subject…so please do. And be careful out there…it’s extremely dangerous these days.

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Update: Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely?

In an article posted in this blog last month, Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely?, we discussed the potential for cybercriminals to exploit smartphones. Well…I hate to report it, but the criminal element has sniffed out these mobile devices as targets on several fronts, including a variant of the trojan malware ZeuS. Zeus is the malware that specializes in obtaining banking account information and stealing funds from those accounts.

Being able to transact banking and purchases through smartphones is extremely convenient to those who own them. It’s also very attractive to cyber crooks who are looking for new ways to increase their “income”. Continue reading

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