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Your Internet Use: Safe or Risky?

2 DiceWhen asked “how much Internet security do I need for my computer?” I usually respond with “that depends what you use it for and how safely or risky you use it.”

For example, if one uses a computer and the Internet for only creating documents and using email; that use would be categorized as one of less risk. On the other hand, if one uses the computer to indiscriminately surf the Internet, or Continue reading


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Target: Social Networking Sites

Plastic Social Media ButtonSocial Networks is the first in a series of “Target” articles, discussing the various areas the cybercrime organizations are attacking. Unfortunately for computer users, our Internet environment is, as the military would say, “a target rich environment”. By social networking sites we refer to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, global cybercrime is organized and the organizations resemble a hybrid of a mafia and a large corporation. Continue reading

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Have You Lied To Facebook? Maybe You Should.

Security Credit Card goldMaybe we should lie to Facebook. Many of you know that cyber criminals target personally identifiable information (PII) theft in order to steal identities. Then they open credit accounts, make bank withdrawals, and commit other fraudulent activities in the name of the victim whose PII they stole. Continue reading

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Use Of Geolocation Can Be Dangerous

2 DiceGeolocation, the option on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites that identifies your geographic location, should always be turned off…always. I say this because using it tracks your every location you “check in” to using mobile computers and it identifies your home city to the world on the internet when posted on your profiles. Why is this a problem? Because a criminal could use the information to complete a list of information used to steal your identity; or to locate your residence to break in when you’ve told the Internet that you’re somewhere else. Continue reading

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Upcoming Cyber Security Threats Part 3: Social Network Account Spoofing

Social Security CardDo you wonder what future cyber security threats the cyber crooks are working on to steal our money, through our computer use? According to Computerworld, the cybercriminal list of law-breaking hacking includes:

– text-message malware
– hacking into smart grids
social network account spoofing
– cyber stalking
– hackers controlling your car
– GPS jamming and spoofing.

My thoughts on this list are that the threats are plausible (at least one has already begun), the targets are available (or will be), and there is money to be made for the cybercriminal organizations that sponsor these threats. But what really grabs my attention about these future threats is that their development will require resources such as funding, expert programmers, and intelligence, that would mirror the investment in research and development of top corporations. And is easily affordable by the cybercrime organizations because of the large amounts of money they have amassed in recent years…our money.

These six threats will each be addressed in a series of articles on this blog continuing with social network account spoofing in this post. Continue reading


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Shift Happens: A Top Level Look at Social Media Networking

Index finger touching pointer icon.

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Art

I’m pleased to announce Gavin Whittaker of www.speeddemonit.co.uk is now a guest writer here on Pauls Home Computing Blog.

Gavin Whittaker is a renowned ‘technologist’ and successful author of IT publications and articles. His next book from the ‘Do I.T. Yourself’ range, ‘A Beginners Guide to a Faster & More Secure PC’ is due out May 2010.

Gavin specialises in PC performance, security and social media networking,

You’ll find lots of great PC performance and security tips at Gavin’s blog – www.speeddemonit.co.uk and even some articles from me, Paul Lubic, a featured guest writer too.

Gavin’s first blog is a multimedia supported article taking a top level look at Social Media Networking….enjoy. Continue reading

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