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Android Phone Malware On The Rise

Android Phone LogoA Net-Security.org article states that Android malware continues to rise. F-Secure Labs reports that a new method of distribution of malware to Google Android smartphones has surfaced in the first quarter of 2013—email spam. There appears to be movement from app-based malware to email spam as the method of infecting Android phones. Continue reading

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Phishing: Mobile Devices Targeted

SmartphoneAccording to a recent Help Net Security.org article, cybercriminals are using phishing Internet websites to trick mobile device users to enter their banking credentials for them to steal. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, PDAs, or any small, handheld computing device that can access the Internet, even notebook computers can be considered mobile. Continue reading

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Mobile Device Safety: A Glimmer Of Hope?

SmartphoneAn AVG Technologies study of 5,000 mobile device users indicated some improvement in the secure use of their smartphones and tablets. The study conducted in the UK, US, France, Germany and Brazil indicated that “fewer than 40 percent use their device for either online shopping (35 percent) or online banking (38 percent).” The bad news is that 40 percent of mobile users are still using their devices in this high-risk manner. The good news in this data is that 60 percent don’t use their devices for high-risk online shopping and banking transactions. A glimmer of hope.

Mobile users are the latest target for cybercrime phishing schemes that result in the mobile devices being infected Continue reading


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Texting: Say What??

Solution and mouseWe use our computers, our smartphones, and tablets to communicate via the Internet with our circle of friends by typing text messages, called texting, which is sometimes more convenient that calling them.

Text messaging used on Twitter, chat pages, and sometimes on Facebook, usually includes lots of abbreviations and coded words because Continue reading


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Malware Aimed At Android Phones: More Sophisticated

Android Phone LogoMalware that is designed to attack Google Android smartphones has been found to be more sophisticated…and dangerous. See Target: Mobile Devices.

According to a TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog – by Trend Micro, one such malware now has the capability to send remote commands to an Internet-based central-control computer to request that their “mission” be changed and that their programming code be altered. Continue reading

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Internet Security:We Still Don’t Get It

finger clicks the yes buttonNakedSecurity.Sophos.com reports on a recent study of 3,150 adults in the UK surveying if they’ve fallen victim to an online attack. A whopping 56% of them have been targeted in online attacks. That’s a large and unsettling number: one in every two people.

However, the really worrisome statistic of this study is that “Of the 56% who have fallen victim to an online attack, 65% haven’t changed their [behavior] when using their laptops, and 75% continue to use their smartphones and tablets as they always have done.” Continue reading

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500 Million Android Devices

SmartphoneGoogle has announced that there are 500 million Android devices (Internet capable smartphones, etc. with an Android operating system) activated globally. And that there are 1.3 million activated each day. That being the case, it’s no wonder why Android is the target of choice of cybercriminals the world over. Continue reading

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