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Kids’ Safe Use of the Internet

Desktop PC YouthThis guest article is written by Ken Myers, the founder of http://www.longhornleads.com/.

Unlike many adults prior to the Generation X movement of technology, children are subjected to computers and electronics at an earlier age than we were. While many of us grew up with Commodore 64s, Nintendo, and Atari, our children are bee-bopping around the Internet as early as kindergarten. There wasn’t a single computer in the elementary school I attended. With this ever persistent technology, how do we keep our kids safe while they browse the Internet? Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Improve the Security of a New Computer

Help and LadderHere’s a great US-CERT article on securing a computer and improving safety while using the Internet. It reinforces many of the recommendations I write about and is well written. Check it out and implement the techniques on your computer, new or not. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading


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Computer Terms & Jargon

Help and LadderComputer jargon is not new, I’ve been in the computer business for over 40 years and we’ve always used jargon as a sort of shorthand in our communication. However, because of the Internet and the global discussion of computers, security and a multitude of other technology subjects; the world is now exposed to an immense amount of computer jargon. So here are some definitions to help you become knowledgeable on some of the more frequently used terms. Feel free to use them to impress your less-informed friends.

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How To: Improve the Performance of Your Home Wireless Network (WiFi)

Laptop UserMany of us have wireless networks in our homes. In my case, it allows me to work on my laptop computer in my den while connected to the Internet through WiFi and also allows me to print to my wireless printer from any room in the house. Wireless networks are made up of the following components: a wireless router, a wireless modem, possibly a wireless access point, and a wireless network adapter; and of course the software necessary to operate, encrypt data, and route the data to the proper component. After operating in a wireless environment for some time, I can’t imagine going back to being “wired” to my Internet connection and printer. 

However, sometimes our wireless network signal (think radio broadcast) becomes less strong. Continue reading


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Home Computing Environment

Computing at Home

What does your home computing environment look like?  Some of us use the den, the dining room, the bedroom. And others use a spare room that’s dedicated to using the computer.  Those with a laptop and a wireless network can compute in any room in the house!  I happen to do both.  Continue reading


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