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Protecting Your Money Online

Security Binary DataHere’s a great article I found on the Kaspersky Lab Security site. This is good stuff you should be doing to remain safe as you and your computer use the Internet.

With online banking and shopping offering greater convenience, more and more people are using the Internet to conduct financial transactions and make purchases. However, cybercriminals are capitalizing on opportunities to steal consumers’ passwords, identities, and money. Continue reading

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Online Banking:Use With Care

Security Burgler Hand on SafeOnline banking comes in a couple of flavors; wired and wireless. The wired method involves using a financial institution’s Internet webpage accessed with a computer that is connected to the Internet via a cable or other provider through a receptacle in your home. The wireless method is similar, but the access to the bank’s Internet webpage is through the use of cell phone technology.

The wired method is much safer than the wireless method for several reasons. Continue reading

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Internet Security: Zeus Banking Botnet Dealt Blow

Security Binary DataSome good news for a change! Microsoft has announced they have attacked and eliminated prominent Zeus Trojan Malware control centers, thus crippling the malware responsible for stealing tens of millions of dollars US in recent years. Zeus is a trojan malware that is injected onto a computer, usually by a victim visiting a website designed to do so, and then steals your online banking credentials and account information and proceeds to transfer your funds from your bank to one owned by a criminal organization. Continue reading


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