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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Gold ctrl key on a keyboard.

Windows keyboard shortcuts can save you time using your computer. Keyboard shortcuts are the use of one or two keys to represent a Windows operation. For example, to copy highlighted text or graphics you can touch ctrl key plus the c key; to past it’s the ctrl key plus the p key. There are a lot of these shortcuts for all kinds of commands and functions that will save you time in your computer use.

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Two-Step Verification:Know What It Is? You May Have To Soon.

Security my accountWhat is two-step verification (or authorization), and why are WordPress, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and others proposing we use it?

Two-step verification (or authorization) is a security tool to protect your Internet accounts from being compromised even if your password is stolen. Continue reading


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Spyware: Does Your Computer Have It?

Security cyberstalking eyeDo you know if your computer is infected with spyware? Would you know if it was? Spyware is defined as: software that is installed surreptitiously and gathers information about an Internet user’s browsing habits, intercepts the user’s personal data, etc., and transmitting this information to a third-party. Continue reading


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Bing IDs More Malware Search Results Than Google

Security VirusGoogle and Bing are capable of identifying whether the sites in their searches contain malware. The idea is to not list a site that contains probable malware in the search results’ list of sites. This practice, which has been operational for a year or so, continues to be a great benefit to Internet users. It could mean the difference between a computer being infected upon visit or not; and I applaud both search engines for their part in fighting Internet crime. Continue reading

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Know How to Clean Your Computer?

Solution and mouseHave you ever cleaned your computer? No, I don’t mean wiping off the display screen; I mean cleaning out all the vents and the inside of your computer case of all dust that’s accumulated. The dust that accumulates over time in the vents, blowers and other components inside your computer case can cause Continue reading

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Windows XP: 1 Year Left

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official.

Microsoft Windows XP wordmark official. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you are a Windows XP user, you need to know that there is only one year of support remaining for that computer operating system. I know, everyone hates to move to a newer OS, and XP seems to be a darling of OSs. It hardly has any problems, it runs like the Energizer Bunny…keeps going, and going.


I know that many of you who are still using XP may be thinking; so what if they stop sending fixes and updates, it runs just fine for my needs and I’m going to keep on using it even after the support runs out.


If you are thinking this way, you may be in for trouble by doing so. Continue reading

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Most Vulnerable Software: Is Yours On The List?

Binary Code pink goldAccording to InfoWorld.com, a 2013 Secunia Vulnerability Review found “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple iTunes were the most vulnerable among popular software programs in 2012”. “That may come as a surprise to anyone who accuses Microsoft of rolling out the most insecure software on the market. Then again, 29 of the top 50 most vulnerable programs in the study bore the Microsoft logo.”

The total number of Microsoft software in the top 50 aside, there does seem to be Continue reading


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