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Scareware: Beware New Approach

Security Danger SignScareware, aka fake antivirus, as you may know, is a form of malware usually obtained from a malicious Internet website, that displays ominous warning messages on your PC that states you have been infected with malware. It usually runs a fake malware scan and warns that it has found a very dangerous malware that it will remove for a price. In many cases, the computer is locked up during this process and Continue reading


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Android Phone Malware On The Rise

Android Phone LogoA Net-Security.org article states that Android malware continues to rise. F-Secure Labs reports that a new method of distribution of malware to Google Android smartphones has surfaced in the first quarter of 2013—email spam. There appears to be movement from app-based malware to email spam as the method of infecting Android phones. Continue reading

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Anti-virus Programs: Is Running Two Better Than One?

Security Toggle SwitchIt’s well known that some anti-virus programs are better than others at given times. Mostly because of how soon the signatures (tells that are used to identify malware) are updated. There is also a difference between their methods: some use signatures to identify the malware and some use an analysis of the behavior of the computer and the malware to identify anomalies and alert you when they’re found; and a few anti-virus programs use both methods of detection.

So, given that some are better than others at identifying malware, is it a good idea to run more than one anti-virus program for better protection? The answer is no…and maybe.

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Multi-stage Malware: A New Approach

blueback1010101.gif Digital World Blue - CopyA new malware exploit kit (a packaged malware designed to be purchased and used by cyber criminals) has been discovered that uses a new tactic to avoid discovery by anti-malware tools. The usual drive-by exploit kits inject the user’s computer upon visiting a malicious Internet website. This one, called “g01pack”, uses two stages of activity to perform the injection and subsequent infection. Continue reading

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Beware: Fake Facebook Security Check

facebook-iconTrend Micro, a computer and Internet security company, has identified a new malware that pretends to be Facebook Security doing a “security check”. The Hacker News reported it as follows:

“Trend Micro has spotted a malware sample, TSPY_MINOCDO.A, which targets Facebook users. The malware redirects users to a spoofed page of the social network and claims to be part of the site’s security check feature, even showing the tagline “Security checks help keep Facebook trustworthy and free of spam”. Users eager to log into Facebook may fall victim to this ruse, taking the ‘security check‘ for face value. Continue reading


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Beware: “Your Photos” Email

Atsign dollarsignsA recent NakedSecurity.Sophos.com article reports that a vicious “malware attack has been spammed out widely via email to Internet users, posing as a message about photos.”

The attack’s payload is the Blackhole exploit kit, a vicious and self-protecting malware controller which injects the following malware onto computers:

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Beware: Malicious Emails About Boston Marathon Bombing

Emergency Computer KeyIt’s happening again; malware-laden emails, that exploit the Boston Marathon bombing, are surfacing. It’s become almost routine that the cyber criminal organizations take advantage of high-exposure events to entice unwitting computer and Internet users to click on an email link that will send them to a malicious website to have their computer infected with malware. It happens during the Olympics, World Cup Soccer finals, around major holidays, and unfortunately, during a horrific event like the Boston Marathon bombing. Continue reading


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