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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Gold ctrl key on a keyboard.

Windows keyboard shortcuts can save you time using your computer. Keyboard shortcuts are the use of one or two keys to represent a Windows operation. For example, to copy highlighted text or graphics you can touch ctrl key plus the c key; to past it’s the ctrl key plus the p key. There are a lot of these shortcuts for all kinds of commands and functions that will save you time in your computer use.

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Using Keyboard Shortcuts With Your PC

Ctrl Key

Courtesy MS Clip Art

  We all spend lots of time using and enjoying our computers…and we use our keyboards as our main means of communicating with them. Did you know that there are lots of keyboard shortcuts to help us get things done? There are general Microsoft shortcuts, Office shortcuts, Internet Explorer shortcuts, and Vista even has programmable shortcuts.  Keyboard shortcuts save time because it’s much faster to touch two or three keys simultaneously than clicking on a menu function and then selecting one of the menu choices.

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