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Android Phone Malware On The Rise

Android Phone LogoA Net-Security.org article states that Android malware continues to rise. F-Secure Labs reports that a new method of distribution of malware to Google Android smartphones has surfaced in the first quarter of 2013—email spam. There appears to be movement from app-based malware to email spam as the method of infecting Android phones. Continue reading

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Internet Security: Mobile Safety Tips from StaySafeOnline.org

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2010We talk a lot about how secure we should be using our desktop computers or laptop computers on the Internet, but we should also be cautious when using mobile devices such as phones, smart phones, Blackberrys,
Androids, iPhones, etc., etc. Many of which, are highly functional computers with full access to the Internet. These powerful devices merit every bit as much computer security and cautious use as any other computers. Here are some tips on the use of mobile devices from www.staysafeonline.org.

Mobile Safety Tips

 Only give your mobile number out to people you know and trust.
 Do not use your mobile phone to communicate with strangers. Only text and call people or businesses you know in real life Continue reading

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