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Google’s “Privacy Rap Sheet”

Google capital G logoWe see that Google is being sued by this country and that for privacy violations as a seemingly ongoing basis these days. But did you know that this seeming disregard for privacy by Google isn’t just a recent occurrence? I don’t have anything against Google. However, their record…or “privacy rap sheet” seems to speak for itself. Continue reading


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Car Apps: Be Careful What You Ask For

Car dashboard computerA recent Mashable.com OP-ED, “Car Apps Finally Get What They Need: Geeks”, states that the auto infotainment systems are “unnecessarily difficult and distracting”; and they should be turned over to the geeks to get them right.

The author further states: “So I gotta give GM and Ford credit for realizing that basement hackers are probably their best hope at cracking this code. Continue reading

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Shopping With Mobile Devices?

SmartphoneWe have repeatedly warned against using mobile devices for financial transactions, including online purchases; because mobile devices such as smartphones—Android and iPhone, iPad and other tablets, are targets of cyber criminals eager to inject them with financial and other malware. Continue reading

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Malware Apps In App Stores?

SmartphoneThe recent discovery of a malware application for sale in the Google and Apple app stores is disturbing to me. We should be able to trust big name companies like Apple and Google to only sell us legitimate, safe applications for our smartphones. Is that too much to ask? Continue reading


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Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely?

Security @ KeyCybercriminals are using phishing attacks to target cell phones as well as other computers to extract personal information that can be used for nefarious purposes. They do this with emails and text messages.

Phishing is the practice of sending out fake email messages that look as if they come from a trusted person or institution——usually a bank— in order to trick people into handing over confidential information. The emails often direct you to a website that looks like that of the real financial institution. But it is a fake and has been rigged to collect your personal information, such as passwords, credit card numbers and bank account numbers, and transmit them to the Bad Guys.

A recent report by Internet security company Trusteer states that cell phone users are three times more likely to give confidential login details to a phishing site than desktop computer users. And iPhone users are accessing phishing Websites more than BlackBerry users by a factor of eight, despite BlackBerry’s larger market share. Continue reading

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iPad or Netbook; Which Should You Choose?

A help key in blue color.

Courtesy Microsoft Clip Art

So you’re ready to add some mobility to your computing environment are you? And are you thinking that those Apple iPads look very sexy to you? Like many others, you may be confused about whether to purchase either an iPad or a netbook PC to give your computing environment some mobility. Here are my thoughts (opinions) on that decision. Continue reading

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