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Google:Weak Passwords Are Weak Link

Google capital G logoA recent CNet.com article reports that “At its I/O conference, two of Google’s top-level security experts, the director of security for Google Apps, and the head of Chrome security;  say the company is intensely focused on the issue, but passwords remain a thorny problem.” The “company”, Google, being intensely focused on security; in my opinion, remains to be seen. However, they stated “Unfortunately the human is often the weakest link in security.”

What a smoke screen! Instead of owning up to royally missing the boat on Google apps for the Android available through Google Play store, they talk about Continue reading

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Google’s “Privacy Rap Sheet”

Google capital G logoWe see that Google is being sued by this country and that for privacy violations as a seemingly ongoing basis these days. But did you know that this seeming disregard for privacy by Google isn’t just a recent occurrence? I don’t have anything against Google. However, their record…or “privacy rap sheet” seems to speak for itself. Continue reading

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Combat Soldiers To Get Android Phones

Android Phone LogoThe US Department of Defense announced recently that it has approved the use of Samsung phones running a “hardened” version of Android. Android!! The smartphone operating system that has been the target of hackers since it’s inception! The same one that has been plagued with malware-laden applications from Google Play App Store! Continue reading


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Car Apps: Be Careful What You Ask For

Car dashboard computerA recent Mashable.com OP-ED, “Car Apps Finally Get What They Need: Geeks”, states that the auto infotainment systems are “unnecessarily difficult and distracting”; and they should be turned over to the geeks to get them right.

The author further states: “So I gotta give GM and Ford credit for realizing that basement hackers are probably their best hope at cracking this code. Continue reading

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RIM Attracts 15,000 Apps In Two Days

Security Binary DataAccording to a recent Networkworld.com article, RIM, or Research In Motion, the company responsible for the BlackBerry; has held an event offering application developers incentives to port (modify the app to run on the BlackBerry) their programs to the BlackBerry 10 platform. The event was apparently successful, because they got 15,000 app submissions. The app developers will receive US$100 for each app ported and accepted. This sounds like a great way to obtain apps for the BlackBerry 10 customers. However, donning my cynical hat for a moment, this may not be a good thing for RIM’s customers of the BlackBerry 10. Continue reading

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Ten Tips To Securely Using Mobile Devices

SmartphoneA recent Help Net Security.com article publishes the following 10 helpful tips for using your mobile devices more securely. In a previous article on this blog, Cell Phones And Phishing Attacks: Do You Use Your Phone Safely? we reminded that smart phones and other mobile devices are powerful computers and capable of being hacked while connected to the Internet. “Today’s cell phones are computers and should be used with the same caution and wariness as any conventional computer.Continue reading


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Online Banking:Use With Care

Security Burgler Hand on SafeOnline banking comes in a couple of flavors; wired and wireless. The wired method involves using a financial institution’s Internet webpage accessed with a computer that is connected to the Internet via a cable or other provider through a receptacle in your home. The wireless method is similar, but the access to the bank’s Internet webpage is through the use of cell phone technology.

The wired method is much safer than the wireless method for several reasons. Continue reading

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