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Kids’ Safe Use of the Internet

Desktop PC YouthThis guest article is written by Ken Myers, the founder of http://www.longhornleads.com/.

Unlike many adults prior to the Generation X movement of technology, children are subjected to computers and electronics at an earlier age than we were. While many of us grew up with Commodore 64s, Nintendo, and Atari, our children are bee-bopping around the Internet as early as kindergarten. There wasn’t a single computer in the elementary school I attended. With this ever persistent technology, how do we keep our kids safe while they browse the Internet? Continue reading


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Android Phone Malware On The Rise

Android Phone LogoA Net-Security.org article states that Android malware continues to rise. F-Secure Labs reports that a new method of distribution of malware to Google Android smartphones has surfaced in the first quarter of 2013—email spam. There appears to be movement from app-based malware to email spam as the method of infecting Android phones. Continue reading

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Identity Theft Protection Tips

Social Security CardThe theft of your personally identifiable information (PII) may happen as part of a data breach of one of the retail or other company databases which store your PII. Data thieves have been hacking into large databases of customer PII such as eBay, Amazon, MasterCard, and VISA because they are able to acquire Continue reading


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Beware: “Your Photos” Email

Atsign dollarsignsA recent NakedSecurity.Sophos.com article reports that a vicious “malware attack has been spammed out widely via email to Internet users, posing as a message about photos.”

The attack’s payload is the Blackhole exploit kit, a vicious and self-protecting malware controller which injects the following malware onto computers:

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5 Min Security Tip: Put Your Security Mask On

Solution and mouseEach Internet computer user has the power to improve his or her security for free, in less than 5 minutes and without downloading anything.

Much of our vulnerability to malware and identity theft begins with the choices we make when using our computers to travel the Internet and even managing our email. We make choices when we visit websites, when we backup our computers, when we open our email, and when we click on links. Choices that Continue reading


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DHL Delivery Hoax Delivers Malware

Emergency Computer KeyHere is a post from Naked Security that warns of a phishing malware attack that comes in your computer email. Graham Cluley reports this warning in his article and I’m passing it on to you.

by Graham Cluley on March 20, 2013 “Just earlier this week, I warned about a malware attack that had been widely spammed out posing as a message from DHL Express International.

The trick, which is an old one, goes like this. Continue reading

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Phishing: Mobile Devices Targeted

SmartphoneAccording to a recent Help Net Security.org article, cybercriminals are using phishing Internet websites to trick mobile device users to enter their banking credentials for them to steal. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, PDAs, or any small, handheld computing device that can access the Internet, even notebook computers can be considered mobile. Continue reading

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