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Protecting Your Money Online

Security Binary DataHere’s a great article I found on the Kaspersky Lab Security site. This is good stuff you should be doing to remain safe as you and your computer use the Internet.

With online banking and shopping offering greater convenience, more and more people are using the Internet to conduct financial transactions and make purchases. However, cybercriminals are capitalizing on opportunities to steal consumers’ passwords, identities, and money. Continue reading


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Internet Security: Exposing Your Credit Cards Online; Is It Worth It?

Security Credit Card blueMillions of people use their desktop computer, smartphone, iPAD, or laptop to expose their banking account information, including their credit and debit card numbers, to theft and fraud by cyber-criminals. Online banking is very convenient, saves time and money, and gives us something productive to do with our computers. It is also very dangerous, particularly when using a mobile device to perform banking transactions. Continue reading


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Internet Security: Facebook Users Being Attacked…Still!

Purple Engineering Technology Data ChartFacebook users are constantly targeted by cybercriminals. Why? Partly because they are such a big target…almost 900 million users. Cybercriminals are attracted to the largest group they can find to attack because they can operate more quickly and efficiently in a group that is connected to one central application, in this case, Facebook. The other reason that comes to mind is that Facebook users, like other social networking groups, are very open with their personal information, and for the most part, less experienced in avoiding cybercriminal traps. And, consequently, susceptible to social engineering, the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.

The latest scam is Facebook account cancellation malware, where an email is sent to a Facebook user Continue reading

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Internet Security: Banking Trojan Attacks Smartphones

Comm Tin Cans purpleThe Zeus trojan malware, famous for it’s skill in infecting PCs with the objective of seeking out banking account credentials and making unauthorized withdrawals and transfers, has turned it’s sights on the smartphone. It’s attack tactic is to lure a smartphone user to download fake security software which then injects the Zeus trojan onto the cell phone. It acts as an online banking application…pretty smart, huh? Continue reading


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Facebook Gets Scolded By Security Firm

Abstract Fantasy Globe PinkSophos, a well-respected Internet security firm, has published an open letter to Facebook about how it can improve it’s security and privacy measures on Facebook.com. The message sent was: It’s time for some changes in order to better protect users. My message to them in this article is: “Facebook Facebook Facebook – shame, shame, shame on you!” for ignoring Internet security best practices that would protect your unsuspecting users from harm.

I know that Facebook was intended to be a free and open way to use the Internet to socialize, hence the name for this genre of Internet sites, “social media”, and that would be well and good. Except that the Internet has changed considerably since Facebook was invented. The Internet has become a very dangerous place to be free and open, and to socialize. Cybercriminals have infiltrated it with the purpose of stealing identities, credit and money from any of us who are not careful, suspicious, and protected. Continue reading


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Internet and Computer Security: Some Good News

FBI LogoThere is so much bad news about Internet and Computer security (or the lack thereof) that it can be depressing to Internet users. However, I’m happy to report another milestone has been reached in the war on cybercrime. Kudos to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for placing emphasis on cybercrime, manning up their staffs with trained, capable cybercrime agents, and for their outside-the-box approach in their pursuit and arrest of the Coreflood botnet…and protecting our computer security.

Cybercrime organizations have made a laughing-stock of Internet security in recent years, and until the last couple of years, governments around the world have not been very effective in fighting cybercriminal activity. Until recently, that is. Continue reading


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iPad Apps: How Secure Are They?

Security Binary DataThe iPad and it’s apps (software applications) are possibly the “good news/bad news” item of the century. Good news because it’s a lightweight, convenient, Internet connected device that’s been designed by Apple’s royal court of coolness. And therefore, will undoubtedly be used to remotely perform lots of functions that had been previously done at a work- or home-based desktop. Bad news because it’s based on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system which has been demonstrated as able to be hacked in a matter of minutes. And because of it’s immense popularity, Apple projects 40 million shipments this year, has become a target for hackers and cybercriminals. Continue reading

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