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Scareware: Beware New Approach

Security Danger SignScareware, aka fake antivirus, as you may know, is a form of malware usually obtained from a malicious Internet website, that displays ominous warning messages on your PC that states you have been infected with malware. It usually runs a fake malware scan and warns that it has found a very dangerous malware that it will remove for a price. In many cases, the computer is locked up during this process and Continue reading


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DDoS Attack: Explained

Denial of Service Attack

Denial of Service Attack (Photo credit: kryptyk)

I try to explain what terms and acronyms mean as a way to educate our readers. In that light, Zen Technologies has written a guest article on one such term they know a lot about: DDoS attacks.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. As the name suggests, a DDoS is typically launched from a distributed network of computers, and may be coordinated by one computer. By overloading the target computer or network with requests to access some part of it, the computers carrying out a DDoS may be able to overwhelm the target system. As a result, Continue reading


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Kid Hackers Writing Malware

Desktop PC YouthAVG, a computer security company, “has found evidence that pre-teens are writing malware designed to steal login details from online gamers, both young and old.” And, while “stealing someone’s game logins may at first seem a minor problem, online gaming accounts are often connected to credit card details to enable in-game purchases, and may also have virtual currency attached to them amounting to hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, many gamers unfortunately use the same login details for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, potentially putting the victim at risk of cyber-bullying, in addition to identity theft and major inconvenience.” Continue reading


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Warning: Zaxby’s Restaurants Hacked

Security Credit Card goldIf you’ve been to one of Zaxby’s restaurants and paid with a credit or debit card, you may have had your card number stolen. SC Magazine.com recently reported that Zaxby’s Franchising, Inc. “announced that malware capable of extracting names, credit and debit card numbers of customers were found on systems at nearly roughly 100 of its 560 locations. Continue reading

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Target: eBay, Amazon, & Credit Card Processors

Blue Dollar SignThe last (for now) installment of our Target series of articles addresses the large repositories of credit card information such as eBay, Amazon, and of course credit card processors for MasterCard and Visa. They’re huge, they use computers and the Internet to conduct their business, and there’s a market for credit card account information; and…you guessed it: personally identifiable information (PII).

Yes, we’re talking about extremely well-known, successful companies who undoubtedly have the best computer and Internet security money can buy. However, those attributes also make them more of a target in terms of Continue reading

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You May Be Attacked – Through No Fault Of Your Own

Security Credit Card goldWe all try to protect ourselves from malware attacks…well, most of us…some of us. None of us want our identity stolen, or our bank account cleaned out. But, according to a recent Help Net Security.com article; a recent GreenSQL survey reported that “88 percent of all companies participating in its December survey do not protect their databases from both external and internal threats, and almost one fifth do nothing to protect their databases at all.” (“Over three hundred and fifty IT professionals responded to the survey.”)

What that means is Continue reading

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Been Attacked Online Yet?

Abstract Fantasy Pink world mapHave you been attacked online yet? If not, there’s a good probability you will be. A Kaspersky Lab in-depth analysis of cybercrime in North America and Western Europe has been conducted on data from the first six months of 2012. And their findings are staggering. Kaspersky “found that the computers of 33.4% of Internet users in Western Europe and North America were attacked at least once while browsing the web.” That’s one in every three computer users who use the Internet get attacked by some form of malware. Incredible! Continue reading

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