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Google:Weak Passwords Are Weak Link

Google capital G logoA recent CNet.com article reports that “At its I/O conference, two of Google’s top-level security experts, the director of security for Google Apps, and the head of Chrome security;  say the company is intensely focused on the issue, but passwords remain a thorny problem.” The “company”, Google, being intensely focused on security; in my opinion, remains to be seen. However, they stated “Unfortunately the human is often the weakest link in security.”

What a smoke screen! Instead of owning up to royally missing the boat on Google apps for the Android available through Google Play store, they talk about Continue reading

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Most Vulnerable Software: Is Yours On The List?

Binary Code pink goldAccording to InfoWorld.com, a 2013 Secunia Vulnerability Review found “Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple iTunes were the most vulnerable among popular software programs in 2012”. “That may come as a surprise to anyone who accuses Microsoft of rolling out the most insecure software on the market. Then again, 29 of the top 50 most vulnerable programs in the study bore the Microsoft logo.”

The total number of Microsoft software in the top 50 aside, there does seem to be Continue reading


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In the News: Windows XP Excluded From Running Internet Explorer 9

WebMicrosoft’s newest web browser was developed to be competitive, in terms of ease of use and speed, with Apple, Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome. It’s now being beta tested by anyone who wants to download it…anyone who runs Windows 7 on their computer, that is. And that’s going to be a problem for Microsoft who’s trying to stem the growth of the above browsers in terms of worldwide share of computers using them.

Microsoft has been known to make some rather unusual decisions, but this one may keep them from attaining the very objective they set out to achieve. Continue reading


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