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On Hold…For Now.

Compact DiscPaul’s Internet Security Blog will be publishing only guest articles for a while. I’m going to otherwise hit the “pause” button to take a much-needed break and to give some thought to the future plans of this blog. Continue reading


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Malware Infection: Your Odds

Man and http://wwwEver wonder what the odds are that your computer will be infected with malware (viruses, worms, trojan horses and other nasty things)? The incidence of malware infections is increasing at an alarming rate; one reason is the increase in malware itself and another is the lack of good computer security practices among most computer users. We know that the involvement of organized crime and the immense availability of malware for sale have increased the world’s supply, but why aren’t people taking proper measures to safeguard their computers against malware attacks? Then it came to mind that perhaps most folks don’t think it’ll happen to them…that the odds are so low that they’ll never get infected. Continue reading


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In The News: Poor Password Practices: Do We Have Too Many Passwords To Remember?

j0390550 A recent ComputerWorld article entitled Researchers: Poor password practices hurt security for all reports that a study of 150 password-protected websites revealed that most individuals have so many passwords to remember that it’s harming the security of others.  They explain that because of the large number of passwords to remember; individuals form easy to remember passwords…read weak passwords here, and then use the same password for all the sites they access.  This means this weak password is used on less critical as well as highly critical sites.  Thus lowering the protection of all the sites they access, more especially the highly critical ones.  This increases the probability these sites will get infected by malware, the rest of us access the site…

This article reminded me of a very recent post Should You Forget About Password Safes and Write Down Your Passwords? by  Bill Mullins on his blog where he discusses the use of software-based password management tools versus using offline, more manual methods.  Both articles are good reads on this most important subject.

The results of the password-use study are not exactly a revelation to most of us, except that there is now empirical evidence, that most folks use the same weak passwords for all their access needs regardless of the criticality of the site they’re accessing.  [big sigh]…I just wonder when the users of the Internet are going to start taking personal responsibility for their poor choices…choices that affect all of us in one way or another.

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