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Anti-virus Programs: Is Running Two Better Than One?

Security Toggle SwitchIt’s well known that some anti-virus programs are better than others at given times. Mostly because of how soon the signatures (tells that are used to identify malware) are updated. There is also a difference between their methods: some use signatures to identify the malware and some use an analysis of the behavior of the computer and the malware to identify anomalies and alert you when they’re found; and a few anti-virus programs use both methods of detection.

So, given that some are better than others at identifying malware, is it a good idea to run more than one anti-virus program for better protection? The answer is no…and maybe.

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Internet Security: Do You Sandbox?–Updated

Vault with Safe-deposit Boxes InsideI’m reposting one of the all-time most popular articles I’ve written on this blog (it is third most popular). I’m doing so because our newer readers may have missed it and because using a sandbox is one of the most effective Internet security tools that can be used to protect your computer.

A computer security sandbox is a virtual computer environment which resides on the disk of your computer. By virtual, I mean a totally operable “computer” that is created and controlled by software and looks and feels to other software packages, browsers, and yes…malware; just like a computer—but it’s not. And…here’s the best part…the sandbox is completely controlled and sealed off from the rest of the host computer. So, if you were browsing the Internet using a sandbox and a virus got by your firewall and anti-virus protection and infected your virtual “computer” sandbox; the virus would be contained within the sandbox and at the end of your browsing session would be deleted without causing any harm to your real computer. Continue reading


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McAfee: Internet Insecurity?

Digital World BlueRecently, McAfee, one of the flagship Internet security companies, spread some “malware” themselves. They recently sent out a software update to keep their customers’ computers safer. However, there were errors in the update that caused some customers to be unprotected and others to be blocked from accessing the Internet. Continue reading

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College Students: Avoid Identity Theft At School

Smile 3DIt’s that time again: making preparations to go (back) to school. One of the preparations should be getting your laptop or other computer ready to go. That means cleaning your hard disk of files from the past to make room for the new school year. Another necessary task is to make sure you have a good security package with the anti-virus update set to automatic. Those tasks being completed, lets talk about protecting your identity. Continue reading


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Ten Ways to Improve the Security of a New Computer

Help and LadderHere’s a great US-CERT article on securing a computer and improving safety while using the Internet. It reinforces many of the recommendations I write about and is well written. Check it out and implement the techniques on your computer, new or not. You’ll be glad you did. Continue reading


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Free Anti-Virus For Android Devices!

SmartphoneMy regular readers know that I’ve been reporting on the threats and exploits malware has posed for Android smartphones and other devices. I said recently that the Android device population has reached such stupendous size that it’s a target for cyber criminal organizations the world over.

Great news! Sophos Security, a big name in the computer security software community has announced a free anti-virus software package for Android devices…I’m thinking this is pretty cool. Continue reading


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Reduce Virus Infections by 99.8%?

Solution and MouseWhat if I told you that 99.8% of all exploit kit virus infections result from lack of updating five specific software packages? An exploit kit is a prepackaged set of malware available for sale to cyber criminals. CSIS Security Group A/S conducted a survey that found that 99.8% of computers infected by exploit kit delivered viruses and other malware mainly because users forgot to update the Java JRE, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, and two other software packages commonly found on Windows computers. The exact software exploited isn’t the important issue here. Updating the software on your computer is. Continue reading

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