Google’s “Privacy Rap Sheet”

Google capital G logoWe see that Google is being sued by this country and that for privacy violations as a seemingly ongoing basis these days. But did you know that this seeming disregard for privacy by Google isn’t just a recent occurrence? I don’t have anything against Google. However, their record…or “privacy rap sheet” seems to speak for itself. Continue reading


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Facebook Android App: Can Take Pictures, Record Audio; Without Your Permission!

Facebook iconA recent article announced that the Facebook app for Android Smartphones can change your audio settings, record audio, and take pictures and videos at any time and without your confirmation. Sounds like fun, huh? Especially since there is already malware that can take control of Android phones, Continue reading

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Anti-virus Programs: Is Running Two Better Than One?

Security Toggle SwitchIt’s well known that some anti-virus programs are better than others at given times. Mostly because of how soon the signatures (tells that are used to identify malware) are updated. There is also a difference between their methods: some use signatures to identify the malware and some use an analysis of the behavior of the computer and the malware to identify anomalies and alert you when they’re found; and a few anti-virus programs use both methods of detection.

So, given that some are better than others at identifying malware, is it a good idea to run more than one anti-virus program for better protection? The answer is no…and maybe.

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Combat Soldiers To Get Android Phones

Android Phone LogoThe US Department of Defense announced recently that it has approved the use of Samsung phones running a “hardened” version of Android. Android!! The smartphone operating system that has been the target of hackers since it’s inception! The same one that has been plagued with malware-laden applications from Google Play App Store! Continue reading


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Passphrases Make Strong Passwords

Security password entryStrong computer and Internet passwords are important to avoid having your logon credentials stolen by cyber criminals. One way to create strong passwords is to use passphrases; the use of multiple words or even a whole sentence as your password. And actually, the longer the password, the stronger it is. Continue reading


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U.S. Dams Database Hacked

Abstract Fantasy Pink world mapSensitive information on 79,000 major U.S. dams has been compromised by a breach by Chinese hackers. The database contains information on vulnerabilities of every major dam throughout the U.S. You may be thinking; so what, dams are pretty non-exciting huge chunks of concrete and rock. Why would the Chinese, or anyone else, want this information? Continue reading


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Multi-stage Malware: A New Approach

blueback1010101.gif Digital World Blue - CopyA new malware exploit kit (a packaged malware designed to be purchased and used by cyber criminals) has been discovered that uses a new tactic to avoid discovery by anti-malware tools. The usual drive-by exploit kits inject the user’s computer upon visiting a malicious Internet website. This one, called “g01pack”, uses two stages of activity to perform the injection and subsequent infection. Continue reading

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