Guest Writers

Guest Article Guidelines

Guest articles are welcome, however, they are subject to the following guidelines.

  1. Articles must not be of a marketing nature.
  2. Articles may contain one promotional link to a company or product website, subject to approval, e.g. no porn or unsuitable material.
  3. All subjects and content must relate to Internet security. Send email if you want to discuss the relevance of a topic.
  4. Article length must be at least 200 words.
  5. Articles must be well written, this blog will not rewrite poorly written articles.
  6. Content will be easily readable by a technology-inexperienced audience. Terms will be defined/explained, and language kept as non-technical as possible.
  7. Content from other articles must be referenced and linked.
  8. Articles will include a short paragraph biography of your Internet Security or Technology background.
  9. Submit articles via email to lubicp(at)
  10. Results of article review will be emailed to author within 2 days of receipt.
  11. Publishing date will be at the discretion of blog editor.

We look forward to your article…so get writing!

What do you think?

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