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Why do SQL injections persist?

Security Binary DataThis post was provided by Samantha Strauss on behalf of Drexel University Online. She has written freelance tech articles for a number of educational institutions, including Drexel University. A self-taught programmer, she has spent over a decade working in the tech industry.

Though it’s been plaguing us for quite a while, SQL injection is still one of the most common forms of web site security breaches, as evidenced by recent hacking attacks on such web giants as Sony, Yahoo and LinkedIn, among others. SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, is just what it sounds like: a language–almost, in fact, THE language that databases use to store, manage, and retrieve information. Continue reading



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Scareware: Beware New Approach

Security Danger SignScareware, aka fake antivirus, as you may know, is a form of malware usually obtained from a malicious Internet website, that displays ominous warning messages on your PC that states you have been infected with malware. It usually runs a fake malware scan and warns that it has found a very dangerous malware that it will remove for a price. In many cases, the computer is locked up during this process and Continue reading


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Google:Weak Passwords Are Weak Link

Google capital G logoA recent article reports that “At its I/O conference, two of Google’s top-level security experts, the director of security for Google Apps, and the head of Chrome security;  say the company is intensely focused on the issue, but passwords remain a thorny problem.” The “company”, Google, being intensely focused on security; in my opinion, remains to be seen. However, they stated “Unfortunately the human is often the weakest link in security.”

What a smoke screen! Instead of owning up to royally missing the boat on Google apps for the Android available through Google Play store, they talk about Continue reading

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Anti-virus Programs: Is Running Two Better Than One?

Security Toggle SwitchIt’s well known that some anti-virus programs are better than others at given times. Mostly because of how soon the signatures (tells that are used to identify malware) are updated. There is also a difference between their methods: some use signatures to identify the malware and some use an analysis of the behavior of the computer and the malware to identify anomalies and alert you when they’re found; and a few anti-virus programs use both methods of detection.

So, given that some are better than others at identifying malware, is it a good idea to run more than one anti-virus program for better protection? The answer is no…and maybe.

Continue reading


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RIM Attracts 15,000 Apps In Two Days

Security Binary DataAccording to a recent article, RIM, or Research In Motion, the company responsible for the BlackBerry; has held an event offering application developers incentives to port (modify the app to run on the BlackBerry) their programs to the BlackBerry 10 platform. The event was apparently successful, because they got 15,000 app submissions. The app developers will receive US$100 for each app ported and accepted. This sounds like a great way to obtain apps for the BlackBerry 10 customers. However, donning my cynical hat for a moment, this may not be a good thing for RIM’s customers of the BlackBerry 10. Continue reading

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Online Shoppers:Update Browser Before You Shop

Security safe combo knob goldOnline shoppers need to update their Internet Explorer before making any online purchases this year. There is a critical bulletin in Microsoft’s November “Patch Tuesday” update that patches a flaw in Internet Explorer that can result in drive-by downloads. This one is even more serious than usual. Continue reading

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New Security Apps For Windows 8

Security data security multicolorTrend Micro Security has announced new security apps for Windows 8, which, in my humble opinion, are long overdue to keep our computers, and our Internet use safer. This blog has no affiliation with Trend Micro.

The three apps available for download through the Windows Store are: Continue reading


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