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Google:Weak Passwords Are Weak Link

Google capital G logoA recent article reports that “At its I/O conference, two of Google’s top-level security experts, the director of security for Google Apps, and the head of Chrome security;  say the company is intensely focused on the issue, but passwords remain a thorny problem.” The “company”, Google, being intensely focused on security; in my opinion, remains to be seen. However, they stated “Unfortunately the human is often the weakest link in security.”

What a smoke screen! Instead of owning up to royally missing the boat on Google apps for the Android available through Google Play store, they talk about Continue reading

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Passphrases Make Strong Passwords

Security password entryStrong computer and Internet passwords are important to avoid having your logon credentials stolen by cyber criminals. One way to create strong passwords is to use passphrases; the use of multiple words or even a whole sentence as your password. And actually, the longer the password, the stronger it is. Continue reading


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Two-Step Verification:Know What It Is? You May Have To Soon.

Security my accountWhat is two-step verification (or authorization), and why are WordPress, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and others proposing we use it?

Two-step verification (or authorization) is a security tool to protect your Internet accounts from being compromised even if your password is stolen. Continue reading


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Five Minute Security Tip: Safe, Secure, Strong Passwords Will Increase Your Computer’s Safety; Revisited

The most viewed article on this blog is…(drum roll please)Security password entry yes, about passwords. They’re so important to our safety as we use our computer to travel on the Internet.

Yep, much as you hate to change your passwords, this tip is essential to increasing the safety of your computer. And it’s a part of the security practices you should be using on your computer, here’s a security tip that will only take five minutes to set up on your computer and will reduce your exposure to computer security threats.

Passwords are akin to the lock on the front door of your house…you want to keep the bad guys out, Continue reading

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Your Internet Use: Safe or Risky?

2 DiceWhen asked “how much Internet security do I need for my computer?” I usually respond with “that depends what you use it for and how safely or risky you use it.”

For example, if one uses a computer and the Internet for only creating documents and using email; that use would be categorized as one of less risk. On the other hand, if one uses the computer to indiscriminately surf the Internet, or Continue reading

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5 Minute Security Tip: Easy Password Creation

Password entry of computer log-in screenI recently came across a great infographic from The Daring Librarian detailing 4 password security tips you should follow when setting a password for any of your online accounts. Continue reading

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“Sextortion” With A Webcam

Security cyberstalking eyeAccording to a recent article at, the U.S. “FBI has arrested a 27-year-old man, who they claim hacked the accounts of Facebook users, and coerced hundreds of women into stripping while he watched via Skype.”

The hacker allegedly broke into the victims’ email and Facebook accounts, changed their passwords and then searched for nude or semi-nude photographs. Continue reading


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