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Kids’ Safe Use of the Internet

Desktop PC YouthThis guest article is written by Ken Myers, the founder of

Unlike many adults prior to the Generation X movement of technology, children are subjected to computers and electronics at an earlier age than we were. While many of us grew up with Commodore 64s, Nintendo, and Atari, our children are bee-bopping around the Internet as early as kindergarten. There wasn’t a single computer in the elementary school I attended. With this ever persistent technology, how do we keep our kids safe while they browse the Internet? Continue reading


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How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC

Solution and mouseBy following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain your computer, help increase its speed, and help keep it running smoothly. This article discusses how to use the tools available in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3 to help make your computer faster, maintain your computer efficiently, and help safeguard your privacy when you’re using the Internet. Continue reading


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Cyber Spying: Chinese Army Group Are Tip Of Iceberg

Security Binary DataA recent article in the states that the recently reported Unit 61398 cyber spying group is but  “the tip of an iceberg of cyberwarfare that is now rising dramatically into view. …This is what Unit 61398 really represents: not just the ambitions of a stirring China, but the growing to maturity of a new ecosystem of warfare, espionage, activism and criminality. Last week a retired CIA director, Michael Hayden, compared it to the dawning of the atomic age at Hiroshima, saying: Continue reading

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Hoax Email: FedEx Delivery Receipt

Security Internet @ lockThere is a hoax spam email being sent that pretends to be from FedEx. It’s pretends to be a delivery notice about missing a delivery attempt. It is the delivery mechanism for an information-stealing Trojan called Smoaler, and contains a link to a malicious Internet website that will infect your computer with malware. Continue reading

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Kid Hackers Writing Malware

Desktop PC YouthAVG, a computer security company, “has found evidence that pre-teens are writing malware designed to steal login details from online gamers, both young and old.” And, while “stealing someone’s game logins may at first seem a minor problem, online gaming accounts are often connected to credit card details to enable in-game purchases, and may also have virtual currency attached to them amounting to hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, many gamers unfortunately use the same login details for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, potentially putting the victim at risk of cyber-bullying, in addition to identity theft and major inconvenience.” Continue reading


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Email Hoaxes: How To Spot One

Security Internet @ lockSpotting the latest email hoaxes may be easier than you think!
There are thousands of email hoaxes moving around the Internet at any given time. Some may be the latest email hoaxes around. Others may be mutated versions of hoax messages that have travelled the Internet for years. These email hoaxes cover a range of subject matter, including: Continue reading

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Citadel Trojan Now Able To Seek Specific Targets

Target red whiteAccording to a report by, the Citadel Trojan, an Internet computer based malware which has been around for a while now, is changing its spots, so to speak. See Citadel Trojan: The Next Generation of the Zeus Trojan for background information.

There is evidence that the Citadel Trojan has been used to target and steal from specific targets such as specific cities, certain countries, even specific demographic populations such as high-income groups. Continue reading

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