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On Hold…For Now.

Compact DiscPaul’s Internet Security Blog will be publishing only guest articles for a while. I’m going to otherwise hit the “pause” button to take a much-needed break and to give some thought to the future plans of this blog. Continue reading


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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Gold ctrl key on a keyboard.

Windows keyboard shortcuts can save you time using your computer. Keyboard shortcuts are the use of one or two keys to represent a Windows operation. For example, to copy highlighted text or graphics you can touch ctrl key plus the c key; to past it’s the ctrl key plus the p key. There are a lot of these shortcuts for all kinds of commands and functions that will save you time in your computer use.

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11 Rules of Life

Smile 3DThis article is one of the most viewed on this blog since it was first published in 2009. Reflecting on its popularity, and the truths it portrays, we’re publishing it again. Share it with your youth if you want; it may get them grounded for their future life as an adult.

As the graduation “season” for many of our youth fast approaches, I thought this short set of “rules” should be dusted off and presented to you again this year. Continue reading

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5 Min Security Tip: Put Your Security Mask On

Solution and mouseEach Internet computer user has the power to improve his or her security for free, in less than 5 minutes and without downloading anything.

Much of our vulnerability to malware and identity theft begins with the choices we make when using our computers to travel the Internet and even managing our email. We make choices when we visit websites, when we backup our computers, when we open our email, and when we click on links. Choices that Continue reading


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Happy Holidays to All

Have a happy holiday season with your family and friends.



Christmas image


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How teens hide their online activity

Vision abstract redDo you know where your teenager is–on the Internet? According to a McAfee survey of parents in Europe, most parents don’t have a clue about what their teens are up to with their computer use of the Web. Continue reading

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300th Post!

Compact DiscYesterday this blog published it’s 300th post. That’s a lot of writing! Seriously though, while it’s an important milestone for this blog; it seems like just a short time ago, May 2009, that we published our first one. We started out as Paul’s Home Computing Blog, writing about issues facing the home computer user, but gravitated to Internet security issues to help our readers use the Internet more safely. Continue reading

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