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There’s No Magic Computer Security Switch

Security Toggle SwitchThere’s no magic switch that can be clicked, thrown, or otherwise turned on to protect computer users from Internet threats. While computer and Internet security is not difficult; there’s no “easy”, no-effort way to protect yourself and your computer. So…the best approach to securing your Internet and computer use is to: Continue reading



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Security Toolbox For Windows Users

Help and LadderHave you been to the Microsoft Safety & Security Center webpage yet? You should, it’s a great computer and Internet security “toolbox” to help keep you and your computer safe from the ugly underbelly of the Internet.

It provides tips and resources on main topics such as security, privacy, and family safety. Continue reading

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Internet Crime:Awareness Is Key

FBI LogoBy now we all know that Internet crime is rampant on the web, and that most of the crime is aimed at us, the Internet computer users. I’ve stated many times that in order to avoid phishing scams and schemes, computer users must be suspicious of all messages sent to them and to obey their “gut” feeling if they have the slightest hesitation to click. Continue reading

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Google Good To Know

Google g iconMy regular readers know that I try to make using the Internet safer for computer users in two ways: computer security education and malware threats discussion. On the subject of computer security education, I’ve recently found Google’s Good To Know pages, and I’m impressed that they are very informative on a variety of subjects. There are pages for staying safe online; your data on the web; your data on Google; and manage your data. Continue reading


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