On Hold…For Now.

Compact DiscPaul’s Internet Security Blog will be publishing only guest articles for a while. I’m going to otherwise hit the “pause” button to take a much-needed break and to give some thought to the future plans of this blog.

I’d also like to suggest you keep up on things by visiting Bill Mullin’s blog and the What’s On My PC blog. Both are excellent sources of computer and Internet news and information. And of course you’re welcome to continue to read the past articles listed in the Index of Posts…over 400 of them.

And remember, the Internet can be a dangerous place; so be careful out there.





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4 responses to “On Hold…For Now.

  1. I came across this site just by chance while surfing for some stuff. Is this updated regularly? I think if updated information is posted in a timely fashion, then this is an excellent site.

  2. roger

    Will miss your postings….. Enjoy your rest… Les

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