Scareware: Beware New Approach

Security Danger SignScareware, aka fake antivirus, as you may know, is a form of malware usually obtained from a malicious Internet website, that displays ominous warning messages on your PC that states you have been infected with malware. It usually runs a fake malware scan and warns that it has found a very dangerous malware that it will remove for a price. In many cases, the computer is locked up during this process and won’t allow any operations except answering the request for your money via credit card.

Many people will not pay the price requested. They’ll call someone to remove the malware from the computer. Consequently, a new strain of scareware has been developed by the cyber criminal hackers to increase the likelihood that the computer user will pay the fee to remove the malware.

This new strain encourages the victim to call a customer support number for help in removing the malware they say is inhabiting their computer. When the victim calls, a “customer support representative” tells them that they will have to pay a fee to have the malware removed for their computer. These people are trained to perform a high-pressure, scare-laden sales pitch to pay the fee and have the malware removed…which usually succeeds. Thus increasing the percentage of fee-paying victims from the purely automated scareware.

Reference: An unholy alliance – Fake Anti-Virus, meet Bogus Support Call!

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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