U.S. Dams Database Hacked

Abstract Fantasy Pink world mapSensitive information on 79,000 major U.S. dams has been compromised by a breach by Chinese hackers. The database contains information on vulnerabilities of every major dam throughout the U.S. You may be thinking; so what, dams are pretty non-exciting huge chunks of concrete and rock. Why would the Chinese, or anyone else, want this information?

  • First, it may not have been the Chinese. Lots of hackers from other countries spoof their hacks to look like they came from China.
  • Second, knowing the vulnerabilities of major dams would be extremely valuable to any nation-state that may want to kill large numbers of Americans living near dams.
  • Third, many dams and other infrastructure are controlled by computers connected to the Internet; and thus are vulnerable to hacking and control via remote access.
  • Third, damaging the electric generation capability of a dam could disable the electric power grids which it feeds; darkening large portions of the surrounding landscape and perhaps for whole sections of the country. A potential collateral attack for a simultaneous major terrorist event.

Cyber and terrestrial attacks on our infrastructure are a known objective of our enemies. And, in my opinion, this theft of major dam vulnerabilities is a sign of data and intelligence gathering for planning a future attack.

Reference: The Hacker News.com article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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