Two-Step Verification:Know What It Is? You May Have To Soon.

Security my accountWhat is two-step verification (or authorization), and why are WordPress, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and others proposing we use it?

Two-step verification (or authorization) is a security tool to protect your Internet accounts from being compromised even if your password is stolen. It involves the computer user entering his/her logon ID and password, as usual. Then the next in the two-step process is to require an additional code to be entered that is generated during the sign-on process and sent to a smartphone. To complete the second step, you get the code that was sent to your smartphone and key it into the additional box provided in the sign-on process. If it’s correct, you’re signed onto the application or web account.

The principle at work here is that someone may have your logon ID and password, but they probably won’t have both of those and your smartphone. Consequently, they won’t be able to access your account.

Why is this two-step logon process being implemented, as an option for now, by the giants of the Internet? Primarily as a defense against the mass theft of password databases on popular Internet applications and web sites that have been taking place in the recent time.

By the way, this concept is not new in computer security circles. It’s been in use in high-security computer installations for many years. And it’s been highly effective.

If you conclude that it sounds like too much trouble to use, I’d suggest you implement it on one service, like Google, and see for yourself how much of an additional burden it might be…or not. I found that the additional passcode was sent to my smartphone within seconds and was easy to access and key into the two-step screen in the application I was logging into on my computer. You might be surprised that it isn’t a problem to use; especially if it protects you and your information stored in the application you’re logging onto. And, if these Internet giants determine that two-step verification should be made mandatory in the future, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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