Scribd Breached Exposing Almost 1 Million Passwords



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According to a recent article: Hackers broke into the network of popular document sharing service Scribd earlier this week and may have compromised “less than 1 percent” of its users’ passwords, according to the company. That amounted to almost 1 million passwords compromised.




The interesting thing about this Internet application that stores computer user documents is that they took reasonably good steps to protect the customer documents and information. They actually used the latest encryption techniques.




But the cybercrime organizations, broke the encryption code and gained access to almost 1 million passwords…possibly yours. As I’ve stated in Target: Cloud Storage Databases, “global cybercrime organizations have the very best and fastest encryption code breaking software and will not be deterred by encrypted data.”




The bottom line here is that your personally identifiable information (PII) and any documents or other artifacts placed on a cloud application are only as safe as the cloud application’s security. The highly used cloud applications such as Scribd (100 million users), Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. are targets for cyber crime organizations and they have the tools to break almost any security method used.




The only advice is can give to you that will limit your vulnerability to loss is to refrain from using these applications. Short of that, I’d give only bare essential PII, or better yet, bogus PII when registering, and use a unique password that’s not used by you on any other application.




Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.




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