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Beware: “Your Photos” Email

Atsign dollarsignsA recent article reports that a vicious “malware attack has been spammed out widely via email to Internet users, posing as a message about photos.”

The attack’s payload is the Blackhole exploit kit, a vicious and self-protecting malware controller which injects the following malware onto computers:

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Hackers Can Take Control Of Android Phones

Android Phone LogoA flaw in an Android app, found by security firm Bkav Internet Security, will allow hackers to take complete control of an Android smartphone using the app Viber, an app claiming to allow free phone calls and free messaging to another phone using Viber. Here’s a quote from their Internet website: Continue reading

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Tech Support: Believe It Or Not (Revisited)

Snake in PCThis post was first published in 2010 and has been a popular favorite since then.

As most of you know, this post is not my usual fare; but I got this one in an email from a friend and couldn’t resist…and it’s the weekend anyway. I have no idea if the photos are candid or posed, but either way, their pretty cool.  Have you seen this one yet? Continue reading

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Keylogger: A Definition

Security Binary DataKnow what a keylogger is? No, it’s not a lead lumberjack position. It’s a type of surveillance software or spyware that monitors and records all keystrokes made on a computer keyboard. It can record your emails, tweets on Twitter, posts to Facebook, instant messages, and more importantly your sign-on credentials. Continue reading


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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Gold ctrl key on a keyboard.

Windows keyboard shortcuts can save you time using your computer. Keyboard shortcuts are the use of one or two keys to represent a Windows operation. For example, to copy highlighted text or graphics you can touch ctrl key plus the c key; to past it’s the ctrl key plus the p key. There are a lot of these shortcuts for all kinds of commands and functions that will save you time in your computer use.

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Checking-In: May Be Dangerous

Security cyberstalking eyeMany people use Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, or other applications that allow announcements to be published on the Internet about where you are. Perhaps you do too. But did you know that criminals, both cyber and terrestrial, can take advantage of check-ins to do you harm?

Because these apps are used with your mobile device, they generate GPS coordinates; criminals can then pinpoint your location…and take action. Continue reading


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11 Rules of Life

Smile 3DThis article is one of the most viewed on this blog since it was first published in 2009. Reflecting on its popularity, and the truths it portrays, we’re publishing it again. Share it with your youth if you want; it may get them grounded for their future life as an adult.

As the graduation “season” for many of our youth fast approaches, I thought this short set of “rules” should be dusted off and presented to you again this year. Continue reading

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