Phishing: Mobile Devices Targeted

SmartphoneAccording to a recent Help Net article, cybercriminals are using phishing Internet websites to trick mobile device users to enter their banking credentials for them to steal. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, PDAs, or any small, handheld computing device that can access the Internet, even notebook computers can be considered mobile. See Target: Mobile Devices for more information.

These phishing sites are usually very good, if not exact replicas “of well-known banking or financial sites”.

The article points out that there is a very good reason why mobile devices are being target in this way…the limitations of the devices.

“This trend in launching phishing attacks on mobile devices can be attributed to certain limitations of the platform itself. This includes the small screen size in most mobile devices, which prevents users from fully inspecting websites for any anti-phishing security element,” points out Trend Micro’s Gelo Abendan. “With majority of mobile devices using default browsers, it is also easier for cybercriminals to create schemes as they need only focus on one browser instead of many.”

The bottom line here is to use the same security practices you would use if encountering an email on a non-mobile computer…be suspicious, paranoid, and untrusting of all email you didn’t expect to get and don’t know the sender. Don’t open such an email, and if you do, don’t click on any links contained in it. I know this will be hard to do when in a mobile environment, but that’s just the point…the cyber crooks are depending on you not making the best decisions while mobile computing.

Remember Think Before You Click!!

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Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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