New Trojan Malware Encrypts All Files, Demands Ransom

Money Enter Key LockAccording to a Net article, a new ransomware malware called the ArchiveLock Trojan targets PCs to be attacked via the Internet and then proceeds to encrypt all files on the computer, and rigs the computer so that restoring the data to useable form is not possible. They then demand the computer owner pay US$5,000 to obtain a password that will decrypt the data.

See the ransom email below:


“A significant number of systems have now been compromised by the Trojan in Spain and France: over the past 48 hours, Doctor Web’s technical support has gotten dozens of requests from people whose files have been encrypted by Trojan.ArchiveLock.20, and such requests are still being received,” they say.
They also advised users not to believe what the message says, not to delete any files from the hard disk or try to reinstall the operating system, but to contact the company by submitting a ticket in the Request for Curing category, and promising free-of-charge help in decrypting the files.”

Ransomware, malware that includes payment of a ransom to regain control of the attacked PC, isn’t new. Ransomware usually locks up the attacked PC so that it’s not useable until a ransom is paid. However, this new twist allows the PC to remain useable, albeit without use of any of its stored data. Another difference is that this malware is capable of targeting specific computers to attack. This is probably used in conjunction with stolen personal information such as bank account balances and credit reports to identify target individuals who “qualify” to be able to pay a $5,000 ransom.

Reference: Net article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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