Managing Files and Folders

Solution and mouseHave you ever “lost” a document you created in the past, and wondered where it might be found on your computer? Good file and folder organization is a great help in storing your documents and data in such a manner that they will be easily found when you need them.

Microsoft has written an article on their Microsoft At Work website that offers 9 ideas on file organization. It’s written to Windows PC users, but covers concepts and suggestions that could be used on any computer and operating system.

It covers the following tips:

Tips to manage your files better

1. Use Documents

2. Adopt consistent methods for file and folder naming

3. Keep names short

4. Separate ongoing and completed work

5. Store like with like

6. Avoid large folder structures

7. Use shortcuts and shortcut links instead of multiple copies

8. Quickly get to the items you use every day

9. Consider storing documents online

The Microsoft At Work and Microsoft At Home web sites host many tips and ideas to increase your computer’s productivity and organization. It’s a great resource for beginners and veterans alike; everyone can find a pearl of wisdom there. I recommend them highly.

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2 responses to “Managing Files and Folders

  1. Paul,

    Very nice find… One of the hardest concepts that people have a time grasping is file and folder management.


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