Your Online “Presence”: Good or Bad?

facebook-iconHave you Googled your name to see what other people see when they Google you? You should, you know. If you’re job hunting or expect to be in the future, you will be Googled by recruiters and hiring managers before offering you an interview, according to an article posted at, “you will be Googled”.

The article urges you to follow five suggested “things you can do to manage your online reputation.” They include the following steps:

“1. Google Your Name” and look for anything negative in the first 5 to 10 pages.

“2. Own Your Name” by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to cause some positive things about you to rise to the top of the search result pages.

“3. Block and Tackle” social network results such as on Facebook and others by using varying levels of privacy settings and premium Reputation Changer services if necessary.

‘4. Advance the Ball Forward” by branding yourself so that you generate some great content in the first page of results‘

“5. Make Your Own Plays” to “Showcase your expertise in a blog post, answer a question on Quora or comment on an article.”

See the Mashable article “You Will Be Googled” for more details on this fascinating approach. See also, Your Internet Profile: And What You Should Know About It.

Oh, and by the way…once you’ve gone to all the trouble of making your web presence “presentable”, make sure it stays that way by: refusing to be photographed with your friends at a bar, using suitable language and topics in your posts…you get the picture.

Just as the guideline of not putting anything in an email message that you wouldn’t want to see printed in a newspaper may keep you out of trouble, it’s also a good guide for Facebook and other social networking sites that you don’t allow anything to be published that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see.

Remember, all potential employers are unsure if you’ll make a good employee and therefore they do everything they can to get enough information to help them make that decision…including searching your name online.

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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