Cyber Spying: Chinese Army Group Are Tip Of Iceberg

Security Binary DataA recent article in the states that the recently reported Unit 61398 cyber spying group is but  “the tip of an iceberg of cyberwarfare that is now rising dramatically into view. …This is what Unit 61398 really represents: not just the ambitions of a stirring China, but the growing to maturity of a new ecosystem of warfare, espionage, activism and criminality. Last week a retired CIA director, Michael Hayden, compared it to the dawning of the atomic age at Hiroshima, saying: “This has the whiff of August 1945.”

They go on to state that: ”hackers and Unit 61398 are only a tiny part of the action. In recent weeks revelation after revelation has emerged about how prevalent Chinese hacking has become. After publishing details about the wealth of the family of a powerful Chinese politician, the New York Times was targeted for infiltration. The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal said that they too had come under attack, while on Friday Microsoft revealed that its servers had also been hacked – as fellow technology giants Facebook and Twitter have also been this year.

Perhaps the scariest aspect of cyber-espionage is how far some might go. Whether a country, a terrorist group or an individual, one possibility looms above all else: an attack on critical infrastructure, such as the power network. That could cause planes to fall out of the sky, cars to crash or power stations to explode. “That is an act of war. It is beyond civilisation,” said Professor John Steinbruner from the University of Maryland.”

I have written before that the Internet is becoming so dangerous that, at some point, it will be virtually uninhabitable by those of us who use it. It is bad enough that cyber criminals are out to steal our money; but we innocent Internet users may also be caught in the crossfire of international cyber spying and espionage. I’m not optimistic about our future on the Web.

Reference: Guardian article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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