Car Apps: Be Careful What You Ask For

Car dashboard computerA recent OP-ED, “Car Apps Finally Get What They Need: Geeks”, states that the auto infotainment systems are “unnecessarily difficult and distracting”; and they should be turned over to the geeks to get them right.

The author further states: “So I gotta give GM and Ford credit for realizing that basement hackers are probably their best hope at cracking this code. Earlier this year at CES, both auto giants announced that they were opening up their in-car infotainment systems to outside developers, who will be free to make apps and interfaces that can hopefully expand our cars’ functionality, without sacrificing safety.

This is a big deal — and great news for just about everybody. Until now, in-car apps have typically been limited to a walled garden of hand-picked programs that offer unsurprising services such as music streaming and restaurant reservations. Yawn. For a development ecosystem to thrive, it needs fresh blood and ideas. Just imagine if the iPhone only had six apps, and three of them were music streaming.”

This article, and its author, are prime examples of someone who has no clue about computer and Internet security. These “infotainment systems” being sold in these cars are fully capable computers, most of which have Internet access. Therefore they are also vulnerable to cyber criminal activity and attacks. See Upcoming Cyber Security Threats Part 5: Hackers Controlling Your Car for additional information.

A gross outsourcing of the development of these applications, without extensive control over the process by the auto makers, will be a nightmare similar to that of Google and their Google Play Android phone applications that had malware coded into the apps by the developers. See Android Malware: Is Google Part Of The Problem?

Reference. article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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