Citadel Trojan Now Able To Seek Specific Targets

Target red whiteAccording to a report by, the Citadel Trojan, an Internet computer based malware which has been around for a while now, is changing its spots, so to speak. See Citadel Trojan: The Next Generation of the Zeus Trojan for background information.

There is evidence that the Citadel Trojan has been used to target and steal from specific targets such as specific cities, certain countries, even specific demographic populations such as high-income groups. It has also been used recently to target other than financial institutions. “Some campaigns involving government targets lack a malware configuration file containing banking targets,” Sherstobitoff wrote. “In these cases, it is likely Citadel is being used for purposes other than financial fraud.

The targeted attacks against commercial and government entities using Citadel are harvesting credentials for a variety of internal business applications, banking system applications, manufacturing systems and more. The credentials are not necessarily being used immediately, the report said. Citadel is also being used to drop additional malware and steal data using command and control servers as data drops.” I believe this credential-stealing intelligence gathering activity is a precursor to future attacks of a different nature. See Trojan Malware Casing US Banks.

The bottom line of this information is that:

1. that cybercriminal organizations are using a varied arsenal of weapons with varied capabilities in a concerted attack effort,

2. these weapons, like Citadel and Zeus Trojans, are easily reconfigured to attack varied specific targets, and

3. the cybercriminal organizations are being more patient, calculating, and studious in their approach to stealing our money.

4. Take no solace that the current targets of this Trojan are European. That’s their “warm up”, “testing” ground; and expect U.S. targets and those of other countries to be imminent.

The above “bottom line” items are particularly threatening in that the perpetrators of cybercrime are becoming more and more efficient and effective in their business.

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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