FBI Has Lead In Addressing Cybercrime For US

FBI LogoThe US Federal Bureau of Investigation “is the lead agency charged with addressing cybercrime in the U.S. and has a large division dedicated to the problem, but it mostly has been concerned with stopping ongoing attacks rather than tracking down the criminals themselves. That appears to be changing.”

A recent article at Threatpost.com reported that the FBI is changing its tactics from stopping cybercrime; to additionally, identifying the attackers behind the phishing, credit card fraud and other campaigns that cost consumers and enterprises billions of dollars each year.” This approach will help to lessen the threat (over time) to Internet computer users.

This new approach is a logical next step for the agency, following forming a cyber division in each FBI office; a period of learning about the cybercriminal activities and how they work; forming a cybercrime unit within each office; and recently having increased the resources of the cyber divisions. These additional resources, mostly made up of “computer scientists to work in its field offices alongside special agents and help develop strategies for technical investigations and other tasks not well-suited to the special agents’ skill set. The idea is to set up a new career track for specialists who aren’t sworn agents but can contribute significantly to investigations. many FBI special agents, even those trained in a specialty such [as] cybersecurity investigations, change locations and jobs often and so their skills can be put on a shelf if they’re moved to a different division or subject matter.

”The bureau also has moved all of the non-technical investigations, such [as] intellectual rights theft and child exploitation, out of the cyber division. Now, the FBI Cyber Division is solely focused on intrusions, simplifying its mission and allocating more resources to cybersecurity investigations.”

In my humble opinion, the agency is now ready to take on hunting down and apprehending cybercriminals and their organizations; and will only get more effective at doing so as they move forward.

This is a bit of good news for everyone under the threat of cybercrime.

Reference: Threatpost.com article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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2 responses to “FBI Has Lead In Addressing Cybercrime For US

  1. And the problem is not the detecting who the cybercriminal is, but the extradition of him from Russia usually…

    • Giedrius,
      I agree that extradition of cybercriminals is a problem, but there seems to be a higher level of cooperation between countries across the globe right now…so maybe pressure can be put on Russia to expedite extradition. I’d guess part of the problem with Russia is corruption among the officials. I suppose we can only hope. Thanks for your insightful comment.

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