Malware Aimed At Android Phones: More Sophisticated

Android Phone LogoMalware that is designed to attack Google Android smartphones has been found to be more sophisticated…and dangerous. See Target: Mobile Devices.

According to a TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog – by Trend Micro, one such malware now has the capability to send remote commands to an Internet-based central-control computer to request that their “mission” be changed and that their programming code be altered.

They also state that “Apart from those apps that register users for unwanted services and those that aggressively push ads, Android users should also worry about apps with backdoor capabilities.

While premium service abusers and adware accounted for the majority of malicious apps in 2012, they are, however, not the only threats to Android. Reports of a botnet running on more than a million of [sic] smartphones recently made the headlines, which goes to show that attacks aimed at Android devices are varied and far from over.”

Back to the issue of the latest malware ability to “phone home”; by changing their functionality and program code, they enable themselves to be multi-functional and still remain small enough to operate on a smartphone. But more importantly, they are able to change their “signature” that anti-malware uses to identify them…the dangerous part. The longer the malware is on the device before discovery, the more damage it can do to your identity, and your bank account.

There are ways you can use your smartphone more safely, so that you have at least a chance of avoiding attack. See Ten Tips To Securely Using Mobile Devices.

Reference: TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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