Smile You’re On Candid Camera

Here’s a good article by Greg Depp over at, on webcams and how to avoid being on “candid camera”. Gregg has a great blog, check it out.

The Family HelpDesk

Today’s computers and mobile devices are full-service platforms for all sorts of activities, including audio and video conferencing.  As readers of this blog are aware, there is a potential dark side with computing that one needs to be vigilant to prevent our privacy and security from getting compromised.

8995145-web-camera-isolated-of-white-backgroundAll newer computers, tablets and smart phones have microphones and cameras that could be activated remotely by someone that doesn’t even resemble Allen Funt (if you understand that reference, you’re getting up there).  Smile, you could be on Candid Camera.

Webcam hacking has become much more prevalent recently and in the extreme, can cause significant emotional and potentially financial harm.  There have been several cases where folks have been spied on, the sessions recorded, then either posted on the Internet or the victim blackmailed.  There have also been some legal cases, including one where a school-issued computer permitted spying.

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