5 Minute Security Tip: Stop. Think. Connect.

Security Caution Tape on keyboardThe quickest, easiest, and least expensive thing you can do to help make your computer, and yourself be safer on the Internet, is to modify how you use the Internet. It involves thinking about the potential ramifications of each action taken while using the net. It’s natural that as we mature as individuals, as we live life, we become more thoughtful of our actions and potential reactions to our decisions.

We can “mature” in our use of the Internet also. We can think about whether to click on a suspicious or unusual link request…and the potential results of doing so; before we click on it. And if we have the slightest twinge of hesitation, we need to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t risk the click.

The following is the body of an article I wrote last year on this subject:

“When you cross the street, you look both ways to make sure it’s safe. Staying safe on the Internet is similar. It takes some common sense steps.
STOP: Before you use the Internet, take time to understand the risks and learn how to spot potential problems.
THINK: Take a moment to be certain the path ahead is clear. Watch for warning signs and consider how your actions online could impact your safety, or your family’s.
CONNECT: Enjoy the Internet with greater confidence, knowing you’ve taken the right steps to safeguard yourself and your computer.
Protect yourself and help keep the web a safer place for everyone.

There are great tips and advice from the StopThinkConnect.org website that exemplify the theme very well. I advise all my readers to take these tips and implement them in your cyber-life.”

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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4 responses to “5 Minute Security Tip: Stop. Think. Connect.

  1. Everyone should be aware of the basic security issues. Before you jump in parachute you have a short briefing, you should have the same before going on the internet.

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