No More Passwords?

Google g iconGoogle is proposing use of a one-click USB device to replace keying in passwords on all of our online Internet accounts. They call this approach “physical” passwords; which entails use of a USB device. According to a recent article, “Google’s proposal is an encrypted USB-like device that people would use to log into password-protected websites and online accounts. The company says it’s working on an internal pilot with an experimental USB device that users first register with multiple websites where they have accounts, NetworkWorld reported, and a compliant browser would make two new application programming interfaces (APIs) available to the website to be passed down to the attached device.

Though the method wouldn’t require any software to be installed, users would have to use a Web browser that’s compliant with the effort, according to Google. The registration and authentication protocols would be open and free, and the device would connect with a computer’s USB without needing any special OS device drivers.”

This new approach sounds like it could be both convenient and effective. However, I think there needs to be vulnerability testing done before I’d use one. By that I mean, we should know how easy, and probable, it might be for hackers to insert malicious code on a website that would infiltrate the “physical” password device when used, and either decode and steal the sign-on credentials, load malware onto the device, or both. I’m all for a solution to our problems of weak, breakable passwords; however I’d like to be assured that we’re not jumping from the frying pan into the fire. More to come on this, I’m sure.

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Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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