Fake Java Patch Is Malware

Emergency Computer KeyAs reported on Computerworld.com yesterday, there’s a malware that “masquerades” as a patch for Java. The cyber crooks who own this malware are taking advantage of the recent, and seemingly continuous, Java exploits to deposit their malware on computers using the Internet.

The malware attached to this fake update will open a backdoor, a program that is an entry point into your computer which bypasses the security in place. Once on your computer it will allow a controlling malicious computer to take control of your machine. After that, the sky’s the limit on what they can do with it.

This opportunistic approach is typical of the level of aplomb the cyber crime organizations possess when it comes to exploitation of the masses. I think cyber crooks are vile, low-life individuals, but I never said they were stupid…they’re quite the opposite.

Back to the backdoor; the crooks place these backdoors to be used at a future time when they have a malware payload that they want easily and quickly placed on computers. Such payloads could contain any kind of malware, including turning the victimized computer into a zombie as part of a large botnet. The owner of the backdoor could even sell access to your computer to botnet owners or other cyber crooks wanting to deposit something nasty on your machine. It’s a dirty, miserable environment we compute in.

Reference: ComputerWorld article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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