US, EU To Share Cybercrime Data

Atsign dollarsignsA recent Security article announced that the European Union and the United States will share cybercrime data.

“The European Union and the US agreed Friday to share more data on cross-border cybercriminals at the opening of a new hi-tech unit aimed at helping police catch up with increasingly imaginative criminals.

This agreement will reinforce the cooperation, the exchange of information,” Europol chief Rob Wainwright told AFP at the opening of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in The Hague.”

“An EC3 analyst who asked not to be named said: “Today’s it’s quite possible for someone in Argentina to use a server in Miami to steal data in Europe that will be used on another continent, so the sharing of data is extremely important.”

“EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom noted that cyber-criminals “are ahead of us.

“They will always be a bit ahead of us,” said EC3’s boss Troels Oerting.

“They have more money than we do, more resources, they don’t have the legal boundaries we have, and, they have the greed,” Oerting said. “Our role is to reduce that gap as much as possible.”

Working together, sharing information and leads; what a novel approach to fighting cybercrime!! Seriously though, I’m glad our governments realize the immensity of the cybercrime threat and the difficulty posed by the Internet having no borders and lots of anonymity. And that we don’t have a chance of defeating the cybercrime organizations unless we cooperate with each other.

Kudos to the US and EU authorities for taking this important step. Now we need to get the cooperation of every country in the world to step up and join this partnership. If we don’t do something to reduce cybercrime pretty soon, the Internet, and computer use as we know it, will become an unusable wasteland of crime; unfit to use. See Internet: An Uninhabitable Future?

Reference: EU,US Agree to Share Cybercrime Data as New Unit Opens

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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