Target: Mobile Devices

SmartphoneTarget: Mobile Devices is the second installment of the series of “Target” articles, discussing the various areas the cybercrime organizations are attacking. Unfortunately for computer users, our Internet environment is, as the military would say, “a target rich environment”. See Target: Social Networking Sites, the first article, to get some background on the tactics and strategies of cyber crime organizations.

Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, PDAs, or any small, handheld computing device that can access the Internet. They have the power of a computer, can access the Internet, and unfortunately, are capable of being infected with malware.

Cyber crime organizations are attracted to mobile devices because there are so many of them, and because there is relatively little anti-malware protection for them in terms of Internet security software. In the past year, there have been two or three Internet security software packages announced for some mobile devices, but this market is very new to security package producers and there seems to be a very slow start in this area for them. I’m confident that there will be an adequate number of offerings in the future for so large a population of mobile devices.

The cyber crime organizations seem to be attacking mobile devices with recycled malware that has been successful in the PC (personal computer) “market”. They have modified the most successful malware such as the Zeus Trojan and others to be able to attack and infect the Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems on these mobile devices. Android-based devices are particularly vulnerable because the cyber crooks have had the “blueprints” on the Android operating system for some time now. And it’s been the victim of a slew of malicious applications (apps) downloaded from the Google store that infect the device when the app is downloaded. See Malware Apps In App Stores?.

See Ten Tips To Securely Using Mobile Devices for some help in using your mobile devices more safely. Because there is no doubt that the mobile device market is a real and lucrative target for the cyber crooks.

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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