Trojan Malware Casing US Banks

Security Trojan HorseAn Internet based malware Trojan named Stabuniq is breaking into US banks’ computers and gathering information about their network, servers, and what operating system they’re using. The information is then sent to a computer controlled by the cybercriminals who operate the Trojan. This appears to be an intelligence gathering mission to support future attacks on the banking institutions. In the old American gangster movies they’d call this “casing the joint”, a survey of the bank in order to plan the robbery.

The method the Stabuniq Trojan uses to break into the bank’s network is a phishing attack through spam email containing a link to a malicious Internet site where the Trojan is injected onto the bank’s computer. I suspect a “backdoor” (program code placed on the victim’s computer and network that will allow an undetected entrance for future attacks) is also put in place to facilitate the future attack.

You might want to print this article and take it to your banking institution to let them know about this malware. And ask them if their employees are aware of the danger of emails asking them to click on a link, or if they’re trained on security awareness in order to know what to do to avoid attacks such as this.

Reference: The Hacker News article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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