You May Be Attacked – Through No Fault Of Your Own

Security Credit Card goldWe all try to protect ourselves from malware attacks…well, most of us…some of us. None of us want our identity stolen, or our bank account cleaned out. But, according to a recent Help Net article; a recent GreenSQL survey reported that “88 percent of all companies participating in its December survey do not protect their databases from both external and internal threats, and almost one fifth do nothing to protect their databases at all.” (“Over three hundred and fifty IT professionals responded to the survey.”)

What that means is that just by having a credit or debit card, having purchased anything online or in person, or being a customer of almost any business leaves you vulnerable to cyber criminals who hack a business’ customer database.

You can be a really responsible computer and Internet user and still lose your identity and your shirt.

However, don’t let this news make you crazy, throw up your hands, and stop the protection you do use. Think of it this way: the threats of being directly hacked and being hacked as result of corporate database theft are two completely different attacks. Each requiring as much protection possible. In other words, using anti-virus and other protection on your computer will at least lower your probability of being hacked twice. Being hacked directly, and also being hacked through theft of corporate customer data.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • keep your computer protected,
  • adopt good Think Before You Click habits, and
  • visit the websites of the companies you do business with, look at their information use policies, find their Contact Us page and call or write them expressing your concerns about this survey and ask them how they’re protecting your personal and financial data.

Reference: Net Security article

Be very careful…it’s dangerous out there.

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